Information about WISHRENT



WISHRENT goes offline on the 31.10.2019 (not voluntarily)! 

Too often I have already heard that large companies are “more important” than smaller ones. Unfortunately, WISHRENT had to learn this as well, because a big US company was afraid that WISHRENT only wants to benefit from them. They have not shown any interest to understand that the concepts of both platforms are completely different. Also, the other side was not ready for any compromise and their only option was the complete stop of WISHRENT (as it is today).

Some sessions with lawyers and sleepless nights followed to evaluate all the requirements and possibilities. In the end it was more a head than a belly decision, but I had to made it.

WISHRENT will go offline on the 31.10.2019 (after 4 years!). The rentals and sales will be stopped on the 30.09.2019. Of course, ongoing transactions will be completed and will remain on the basis of the current terms and conditions.

Sorry that all the efforts, at the beginning of this year, to bring WISHRENT on a “more stable ground”, are useless at the end, because also here the other side had “better arguments”.


Thanks to all of you who believed in this idea and supported this platform!

Best wishes for you



Ps.: I also regret the very short-term dates, but these are unfortunately part of the requirements and no voluntary decisions. If you have any questions, you can send me an email: