Information about WISHRENT


Welcome to WISHRENT©! 

The world's first and largest marketplace for costumes, props, unique fantasy clothing and accessories!  Rent out, sell, borrow or buy unique and creative things! 

Earn money by renting out your unique, handmade or creative items.
Save money, space and the environment by borrowing them!

Are you a Photographer? Cosplayer? Costume-Afficionado? Designer? Larper? Filmmaker? Stylist? Fantasy Freak? Nerd? Creative of any kind?

WISHRENT was started as a platform that any creative can use to borrow or rent out and buy or sell incredible costumes, accessories, arts and crafts creations. Now you can borrow any creative item you like for your next project or event or even make money by renting  out  or selling your incredible creation with the simple click of a button and from the comfort of your own home. And guess what? It’s much cheaper and more environmentally friendly than buying that piece and your overcluttered closet will thank you. ;) In case you would like to own something you can also buy it here, of course. 

So, whether you need to rent out an incredible Game of Thrones Costume for the next convention you’re attending or you want to borrow an awe-inspiring headdress for your next photoshoot here you can do so in an environmentally-friendly and cheap fashion. So what are you waiting for?